Navigating Life From a Space of Inner Wisdom and Balance

The other day I saw an Instagram post about how hummingbirds have this incredible ability to stabilize themselves in midair to feed, even in extreme wind. They are able to adapt to challenging situations instead of waiting around for perfect conditions.

This deeply resonates with me because when I think of the empowered version of myself, I think of someone who is able to be present and navigate her challenges with grace.

By grace, I don't mean someone who is flawless and instantly slays everything she tries. Perfection is not realistic. Nor is it the intention.

I mean someone who can bring awareness, love, and acceptance to even the messiest parts of herself (and her experience), and come back to inner stability. Then from there make an empowered choice to make the most out of the moment.

To me, true power does not come from trying to control external circumstances, people, or things. Yet, this is what we’re taught to do. We’re conditioned to see the world through a set of rules that determine what’s acceptable and what’s the right way to do things. All in an attempt to control our behaviors and the behaviors of others.

But power is not about control. True power comes from consciously choosing how we respond to what’s present and showing up in our experience.

Part of it is being open to different perspectives and stepping outside the boxes of our beliefs. Understanding that “the rules” don’t always apply and that the moment is calling us to go within to discern what is needed.

To do so, we must learn not to withdraw our energy in the face of discomfort. We must put into practice our ability to intentionally respond to what’s in front of us, instead of reacting from unprocessed emotions, traumas, and limiting beliefs.

That when conflict happens we acknowledge and take responsibility for what we’re bringing to the table, instead of pretending it’s not happening or shifting blame to the other person. It’s bringing acknowledgment to our own feelings and those of others without judging them as wrong. Then choosing to respond in a way that’s aligned with our values and truth.

Grace flows when we move from a space of awareness, acceptance, and aligned action.

Giving ourselves grace also comes from an understanding that growth is a gradual process and that we are going to fuck up time and time again. Instead of beating ourselves up when we do, which only keeps us stuck in shame and guilt, we can be gentle with ourselves.

We can accept ourselves as perfectly imperfect humans and choose to learn from the experience. Instead of “Why can’t I get this right”, shift to “It’s ok, I’m getting better and better at this each time.”

Like the hummingbird, we can learn to be present in challenging situations and tap into the nectar of the moment. Regardless of what’s going on around us, we can still go within and feel into love, joy, peace, abundance, and any energy we want to experience. Then manifest that into our external reality.

This is the kind of grace that happens when you’re living in tune with your deepest wisdom and prioritizing being full of the essence of your desires now, not at some point in the future.

If this is resonating for you, Embodied Magic, my reality creation mentorship, might be for you.

We’ll work on throwing out the rule books and learn to navigate life from present-moment awareness, trusting you can discern truth and make aligned choices towards your dreams.

Learn more about the mentorship here.

Hummingbirds, grace, and your personal power | Navigating Life From a Space of Inner Wisdom and Balance. 
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