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Everything exists energetically first, before coming into form in the physical. Learning to flow means recognizing what energetic cycle you’re in and making aligned choices. It’s knowing when to pump the breaks and when to push on the gas pedal — balancing being and doing, rest and work.

But sometimes our mind distracts us from our inner knowing and we can’t see that we’re out of alignment or why. A reading can help you receive that insight.

The gift of Tarot is awareness.

When you're aware of and learn to interpret the signs of the universe, you can more consciously create your life. The universe (aka the divine, source, higher self, spirit guides, ancestors, angels, etc.) is continuously sending you signs and synchronicities. It's up to you to pay attention and use them to grow and expand — whether that means walking through doors of new opportunities or integrating shadows that hold you back.

Tarot is a powerful tool for seeing what's underneath the surface and perceiving the bigger picture. It helps you tap into energy and see how things connect — past, present, and future.

A Tarot Reading Can Help You
  • Get out of your head and tap into insights you haven't considered
  • See things from a different angle so you can explore more options and solutions
  • Gain awareness to where you are now, what energies have passed, and which ones are coming in
  • Validate your own insights and realize truths you may not have been able to put into words
  • Create an action plan to move forward

What to expect:

  • I always conduct my readings with honesty, integrity, and compassion. All tarot readings are confidential.
  • I'm not here to tell you what to do, my intention is to shift your awareness within and see what the reading brings up for you. Please use this information to draw your own conclusions. My interpretations are meant to activate your own insights and wisdom. Take what resonates and listen to your own intuition when discerning the meaning. Ultimately, you are responsible for your own actions and life.
  • These Tarot readings are not meant to offer definite predictions or answers. They're meant to offer possibilities so you can have greater awareness and make empowered choices. As with any divination, a tarot reading cannot predict the future with certainty. It is never set in stone and anything you see is only but one perspective viewed from one moment in time. You always have free will and can shift your life in any direction.
  • If something doesn’t make sense now, it may at a later date.
  • I'll create a custom spread to dive deeper into your unique situation or questions. In order to design an insightful spread, I ask that you briefly share any details you think would be useful for me to know.
  • If you choose a general reading, I’ll look at what energies are most prominently showing up right now and share any relevant guidance.
Client Love
  • "Alegna offered a really thorough reading for me that brought clarity around what direction I needed to go. In fact, it turned out to be a catalyst for a directional pivot, for which I’m SO grateful. It was just the boost I needed to have more faith in myself and confidence with the direction I’m heading in."

    Kim Marie
  • "Incredible insights! The 6 card reading I received from Alegna was absolutely incredible. It provided new insights and affirmed my intuitive hunches in a big way. This was such a revelation. The whole thing felt like Magic. Alegna truly is an alchemist! I highly recommend her."

    Flora Ware
  • "Alegna's tarot reading astounded me on every level. Her dexterity with the cards amazed me continuously throughout the general reading she provided. Without knowing many of the details of my life and business, she provided extraordinary insights that covered a multitude of areas. I know I will refer back many times to my recording and session notes so I can revisit the powerful information Alegna provided."

    Helena T.M. Grant
  • "This was my first time having a reading and it was a neat experience! Even without knowing me, she was able to give me a lot of good insight and direction. The direction was specific but also gave me room to ponder. I loved the insight and feel that this practice was a great way to clear out the clutter and get focused. "

  • "My tarot reading was so accurate to what I was experiencing in my business but just couldn’t put words to. Alegna organized the read into actionable steps that I could incorporate immediately, as well as supportive guidance for how to take care of myself as I grow my business. I was stunned at the accuracy and impressed by the visual organization of the report. It continues to be tremendously valuable!"

    Christa Bitner
  • "This was my first time ever having received a reading, and I have to say I was amazed. Alegna is amazingly intuitive! She was able to help me dig deep and figure out what was going on. She even went out of her way after and gave me some amazing resources. I recommend her 100%. Can’t wait to have another reading from her!"

    Janelle Beckett

Please note that these readings are not substitutes for professional legal, medical, financial, psychological, or therapeutic advice. I provide no guarantee and accept no liability for any action a client chooses to take.

Quick Check-In Tarot Reading


You'll receive:

  • The opportunity to ask 1 question (or select a general reading)
  • Custom spread with 10 - 15 cards
  • Video recording of the reading
  • PDF summary with highlights and questions to reflect on in order to ground the insights gained.
  • Delivery of reading within 3-7 days via email

Take a Look at a Sample



You'll receive:

  • The opportunity to ask up to 3 questions (or select a general reading)
  • Custom spread with 25 - 30 cards
  • Video recording of the reading
  • PDF summary with highlights and questions to reflect on in order to ground the insights gained.
  • Delivery of reading within 3-7 days via email

Take a Look at a Sample

In-depth Tarot Reading
Monthly Forecast Tarot Reading


You'll receive:

  • Overall guidance for the month ahead exploring the opportunities and challenges present for you. As well as a weekly breakdown of the energies coming in and guidance for navigating them.
  • PDF with an image of the spreads, an intuitive interpretation, and questions to reflect or journal on, so that you can ground the insights gained.
  • Delivery of reading within 3-7 days via email

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