What would happen if you chose to go ALL IN on fully trusting yourself?

Last night my daughter came into my office asking for advice.

She made a friend earlier in the week on Fortnite. They spent a few days playing together without ever speaking a word to each other.

Two days ago he decided to turn on his mic and introduce himself. While he seemed cool, she was intimidated because he was 3 years older than her. So she kept her mic off.

Then yesterday she came in and declared she finally had the courage to introduce herself back.

She just didn't know how. She didn't want to sound young or lame. What if he made fun of her for being a girl?

I told her the best thing she could do was be herself.

This is a great example of how we shrink ourselves in fear of how others might respond to us.

While belonging is a basic human need, external validation will never alleviate the suffering created when we abandon ourselves.

When we are constantly prioritizing energies outside of ourselves, we end up disconnected from our truth and feel unfulfilled with our lives.

Seeking the approval of others is part of the ego’s dramas. When we’re caught up in our ego, we get distracted from the fact we have the power to choose and create our experiences.

So much of our energy gets caught up in fear, worry, and the need to control things.

The ego is primarily concerned with its survival, not necessarily reality. It embraces denial and delusion to keep us comfortable.

It uses tactics like fear and lack mindset to keep us safe from perceived threats. Threats that are more often than not projections of our conditioning and our wounding.

Ego wants to keep a tight hold on things, controlling as much as possible in the name of survival. But that doesn’t always serve our highest good.

So we get caught up in the bullshit of ourselves and of others.

We become victims of reality instead of its creator.

But what would happen if we decided to shift our programming from survival mode to creator mode?


What would happen if we released all that energy stuck in negative spirals and directed it toward manifesting our deepest desires?

That’s the energy I‘m bringing into my 2024. This is the year I fully commit to owning who I am and going ALL IN on trusting myself.

No more self-doubt. No more hiding. No more shrinking. No more settling.

This is the year I fully commit to choosing my most expansive experiences, diving deeper into my power, and shining brighter than I ever have before.

Because I know part of the reason I’m here is to bring light into the darkness.

And it’s needed now.

Your light is needed.

If you are also ready to finally BE BOTH FEET IN, I invite you to join me in Soul Glow, a 4-week immersion into creating a life that lights you up.

Soul Glow is a high-vibrational group experience dedicated to mastering your energy and creating your most authentic life.

Because the more authentic you are, the brighter you shine.

We'll explore using your energy to create reality, shifting from ego-driven thinking to soulful living, liberating yourself from resistance and self-sabotage, and navigating the present moment through quantum awareness.

This powerful journey will lay the groundwork for a life aligned with your truest self.

We’ll delve into daily bite-sized lessons and engage in weekly sacred circles to amplify your growth and transformation.

And the best part is that in lighting up your life, you also light up the lives of those around you.

We start Monday, January 15th.

Are you joining me?

Let’s make the world brighter.

Enroll in Soul Glow

Setting ego aside so you can shine | What would happen if you chose to go ALL IN on fully trusting yourself?

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with love and magic,

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