It's time, my divine sister, for you to experience the full scope of your potential.

I'm Alegna, an intuitive life coach and spiritual teacher who helps women express their soul truth, so they can make the impact they came here to have. I truly believe the most direct path to your desires and your success is following your soul's guidance. The more we express our truth, making choices based on what we truly value, the more we express our soul magic, and the more impactful we become.

I integrate Astrology, Human Design, and Gene Keys into my work to help us both tap into and leverage the way you're designed to thrive. When you make choices based on your energetic blueprint, you invite more ease and flow into your life. It becomes easier to gain momentum.

My clients are creatives, soulpreneurs, healers, and leaders who are passionate about living life on their own terms. I believe part of the direction we're heading in as a collective includes honoring our individual paths, as much as the good of the whole.

As the patriarchal construct dissolves and we step into this next evolutionary age, we're co-creating new ways of being based on individual sovereignty and collective unity. It's honoring ourselves as unique sparks of divinity and powerful creators while respecting we are all interconnected waves of the same ocean.

The new normal is becoming collaboration instead of competition, flow instead of hustle, nurture instead of force.

For the woman who knows if she wants to make the world a better place, she has to start with herself.

Sound like you? I co-host a conscious community of women coming together to support each other, co-create abundance, and help each other rise.

let's work together

You are passionate, wise, driven... exquisite expression of the rising Divine Feminine on her awakening journey. Through layers of unraveling, healing, exploring your shadows, and fully embracing yourself, you've come to realize your gifts are meant to blossom.

You are devoted to healing your trauma, raising your vibration, opening your heart to love, and being intentional of the impact you make.

The women I work with want to be an example of...

  • an individual grounded in self-love, self-acceptance, and self-care.
  • someone who doesn't dim her light for anyone or anything.
  • someone who courageously follows her dreams and walks her own path.
  • a person who is emotionally balanced, knows her worth, and sets healthy boundaries.
  • an empowered, sovereign, and whole woman.
  • courage, kindness, love, compassion, wisdom, and integrity.

I'm here to act as a mirror and reflect back your own special blend of magic.

You see, my passion IS helping other women recognize and awaken their inner Goddess. I love empowering women to embrace their unique essence and build their life based on that.

My spiritual awakening was sparked in 2009 and since then I've been devoted to my soul's growth. Throughout the years I've trained in energy work, healing, alchemy, shadow work, holding sacred circle, mindset work, astral projection, lucid dreaming, astrology, tarot, nurturing my intuitive gifts, opening up to universal truth, and walking the path of the Priestess.

When I work with my clients I allow myself to be a channel for both my higher guidance and their divine expression. My clair gifts (claircognizance, clairsentience, and clairvoyance specifically), allow me to distinctly discern how to best unleash their soul's magic. I consider myself a witch, mystic, alchemist, and oracle.


Like you, I'm an awakening soul sharing my journey of...

  • more deeply connecting with my intuition and higher self.
  • shedding limiting fears and beliefs in order to grow into my authenticity.
  • boldly shining my light and teaching others to do the same.
  • learning to love and embrace my inner world, which then creates my outer world.
  • forging a bridge between the 3d matrix based on fear and control, to a 5d existence based on unity and love.

The world needs your soul magic.

Let's Work Together


  • Dominican and fluent in Spanish.
  • mama to a wonderful girl, kitty, doggy, snake, and several plant babies.
  • a Gemini Sun, Gemini Moon, and Scorpio Rising
  • a Human Design Manifestor with emotional authority and a 2/4 profile
  • an avid collector of Tarot decks and crystals

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