A 3-Part Framework for Intentional Living

We are all the creators of our own reality.

Or more so, the co-creators of our reality because there is so much to life that's outside of our control.

But what we CAN control is the vibration we're offering (which attracts people, situations, and things of a like vibration), and how we choose to meet and respond to each moment.

The dance of life is balancing control and surrender. When we're intentional about how we navigate it, we can create a juicy, nourishing life that we're madly in love with.

But that doesn't mean we get everything we want all the time. It doesn't mean that challenges and problems cease to exist. It certainly doesn't mean that we stop feeling difficult emotions like grief, anger, or fear.

Instead, it means that we become empowered and better at navigating the flow of life. We choose to take ownership of our experiences and align with who we truly are. We become the authors of our own stories. We show up to each moment with a curious heart and creative spirit, willing to explore what life has for us. We allow the full range of our emotions to flow through us as part of the human experience. We learn to love the process just as much as (if not more than) the outcome.

Because it's in the moments when we're intentional with our sacred YES, that we get to experience the most growth, freedom, and magic.

We can create a meaningful and fulfilling life. Not just through manifesting what we want, but also by allowing ourselves to dive deep into life as an ever-changing unfolding. We become open to the mystery of existence and all its gifts. Anchored within our soul's truth.

Living with intention as you flow with life is a path to self-mastery.

I've created a 3-part framework for this kind of intentional living that I'd like to share with you. It's not linear. All three parts are intertwined and connected. Navigating them becomes a collaboration between your conscious and subconscious mind, or in other words your masculine and feminine energies.


The extent of how fulfilled you feel in your life is going to depend on how connected you are with yourself and what's going on within. It's a matter of how much of your true self you allow in, how much you love and accept yourself, how much you listen to your inner guidance, and how open your heart and mind are. This is about how you relate to yourself and the divine.


Your life is a direct reflection of how you show up in each moment and what you prioritize. You are always creating and re-creating your reality, whether consciously or unconsciously. So if you want to experience more love, joy, freedom, and prosperity in your life, then it's important to be intentional about what you're choosing to focus on in all areas of your life. Conscious creation comes down to aligning your mental, emotional, physical, creative, and spiritual energy with your values and desires. This is about how you relate with your external reality and other.


The now is where all of the magic happens. It's in the present moment that you get to ACTUALLY experience life. Both the past and the future only exist in the mind. Mastering the now is about expanding your awareness and discerning truth so you can choose what's right for you. But it's also about learning to make the most out of current circumstances and feeling into the best vibration you can find to align with. It's about accepting and appreciating where you are while embodying the new reality you desire. Be who you want to be now, not in some distant future -- knowing you are whole and enough as you are. This is about how you relate to the present moment.

...and if you're ready to be more intentional about the life you're creating, we can work on it together.

My 1:1 coaching provides a supportive container so you can strengthen your connection with self, create what you desire in the different areas of your life, and deepen your presence. We'll build upon this 3-part framework to shift and expand your reality. I'm here to be your co-creative partner.

Learn more and apply to work with me here.

If you're curious and want to feel into the possibility of working together, you can also send me a message on Voxer. Let's start a conversation.

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with love and magic,

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