When you're operating from a space of alignment with who you truly are, you can easily tap into your highest potentials.

A SoulFlow Breakthrough Session can help you align with how you're energetically wired to thrive, so you can create the life you want with more ease and flow.

This is both a coaching deep-dive session and a practical interpretation of your charts (Astrology & Human Design). You'll receive a personalized blueprint to thriving by being uniquely YOU. 

We'll work 1:1 to explore one specific problem, challenge, or area of your life that you want to improve. 

We'll deep-dive to the core of the issue and explore options for shifting your reality for the better. I'll then take a look at your energetic design to discover how we can leverage your unique makeup, tap into your natural rhythm, and align you with your highest potential for success.

By exploring the energetic patterns within your charts, you can better understand why you behave in certain ways, how you relate to others, and how you show up in the world. This awareness will help you be more intentional as you navigate life.

Whether you’ve been struggling to reach a goal or simply feeling stuck, a SoulFlow Breakthrough Session can help you get clarity and insight on how to move forward with confidence.

 A SoulFlow Playbook can help you
  • Understand what makes you different and how you can better embody your magic 
  • Explore how to work with your energetic design to create powerful results and more consciously manifest your desires
  • Leverage what makes you magnetic so you can consistently attract the connections and resources you need
  • Learn what your natural gifts are and how you can nurture your potential
  • Get clarity on what your shadows and weaknesses are so you can overcome them
  • Gain a better understanding of your behaviors, patterns, and tendencies so you can cultivate greater self-acceptance.
  • Learn to trust and love yourself more

After booking your session, you'll receive a short questionnaire to fill out so I can learn a bit about you and the changes you're hoping to make. You'll then choose your 1:1 coaching dates.


We'll spend two consecutive days of 1:1 asynchronous coaching, where we'll deep dive into the problem/goal. Throughout the two days, we’ll exchange voice messages via the Voxer app at a steady but relaxed pace. (Click here to learn more about how I coach).


After our coaching session, I'll get to work pulling your charts and creating your SoulFlow Playbook. This will be a detailed report, personalized to your energy and the insights from our session, that will walk you through creating an aligned plan of action.

In about a week, you'll receive the playbook and have the chance to follow up with any questions or clarifications.

Ready to book your SoulFlow Breakthrough Session?


Together we'll work on improving a specific challenge or area of your life by leveraging your energetic blueprint. You'll walk away with greater self-awareness and a plan of action that's aligned with how your energy flows best.

You'll receive:

  • 1:1 Deep dive coaching session over two consecutive days via Voxer
  • A mini-tarot reading (shared during our coaching session) to explore the energies and options available for you.
  • A detailed Playbook with suggestions on how to leverage your energy and apply your unique makeup to the challenge/goal at hand. The SoulFlow Playbook will walk you through creating a plan of action.
  • Follow-up email support for any questions that come up as you dive into your Playbook.

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