I had a physic reading not too long ago, and I was surprised to hear that I was being "too good" at adapting to my life circumstances.

"Wait, what?", I was so thrown off when she said it. My ability to quickly adapt to any situation is one of my most cherished strengths. Like a chameleon, I can observe what others are doing and easily blend in. But now I was being told that it was actually a weakness? That it was holding me back?

"You're really good at adapting and it has gotten you far. But you're in a time of expansion. What's going to get you further ahead now is being willing to get uncomfortable — to step out of your comfort zone. You keep putting yourself in little boxes trying to adapt to what you expect from the people and situations around you, instead of dreaming up new possibilities."

This really hit home a few days later when I went to a little get-together. I realized that when I walked into a room I'd take my time to observe and then adapt to the energy present. But what if instead, I decided what vibe I wanted to experience and then walked into the room with the intention of expressing exactly that, letting others adapt to MY energy?

What if the choices we made were actually based on what we wanted and thought was best. That's what it means to be an empowered, sovereign being — to exercise our power to choose. But so many of us give our power away to people and circumstances outside of us.

For example, when I was trying to grow my branding business, I spent so much time trying to adapt to "the right" strategies and processes. I bought a ton of courses, programs, and coaching packages to learn how I should do things. I was doing things because I thought I had to, not because they were right for me or bringing me results. After all, it's what successful people were doing.

I had realized I wasn't honoring my own individuality. I was letting other people's perspectives, expectations, and behavior determine how I acted. We have to be willing to trust ourselves. Most of us don't tap into our full potential or even half of it. We've learned to dim ourselves in so many ways. It's often that we don't give ourselves enough credit.

Now to be fair, there's a learning curve to everything and we need others to set the example. But after a while, you pick up various skillsets and cultivate your own wisdom. You reach the point where you can go further ahead if you take risks and do things your own way.

It's the realization that you have so much magic and potential within YOU to tap into. To learn to appreciate all aspects of your being. By fully owning what you bring to the table, you can leverage your own strengths, weaknesses, perspectives, talents, and challenges in a nuanced way, cultivating your own version of success. But you have to be aware of how you're keeping yourself in little boxes.

This is the basis of my work, teaching people to own their magic and break free from their patterns. One of the services I'm really excited about offering is the SoulFlow Playbook.

The SoulFlow Playbook is a personalized blueprint on how you're uniquely wired to thrive — exploring your essence, gifts, shadows, purpose, prosperity, relationships, and more. Based on your Astrology, Human Design, and Gene Keys profiles, it's intended to give you greater awareness of what lies within. So that you can best align your energy and choices to your own magic, and consciously create the life you desire.

In the meantime, be willing to shake things up and not adapt to the status quo.

with love and magic,

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