Happy Spring love!

Today we start a new month and the energy is lush with the promise of exciting, new beginnings. It's been a while since we've connected. I've been in hibernation — diving deep into the waters of my soul and gestating a new phase of my life. Winter has been a much-needed time of isolation, introspection, and recharging. It's in the dark that a seed is planted and begins to take root.

...and so much has taken root in my life! But before I could tend to those seeds I had to let many things die. For one, I let go of my branding business in order to build a new one. I decided to permanently stay off social media. It's been a relief, really. But that also meant I had to let go of my go-to way of marketing my business, which was scary.

So many unaligned perspectives, strategies, routines, patterns, habits, and beliefs had to go. My soul has been calling me to step up into a more authentic expression of myself. To step more into my Empress energy and stand tall as I move through life creating my desires.

At first, letting go is scary. It makes you rethink who you are, what you value, and what's possible. More than likely, you'll go through a period of asking "Ok, now what?", without an answer in sight. Then to top it off, there's a sense of sadness and loss for whatever it is you're letting go of. But no matter what, spring always follows winter. When one door closes, another better one always opens.

On that note, it's April Fools day today. While I don't have any tricks or pranks for you, I do invite you to tune into the energy of the Fool. In Tarot, the Fool represents the beginning of the journey through the Major Arcana. She is ready to embark on a new adventure full of potential and wonderful possibilities. She might be a little naive and idealistic, but her enthusiasm and faith give her the courage to step forward, ready to stumble and fall. Her optimism assures her the journey will lead to higher heights.

I'm giddy with anticipation of new possibilities now unfolding before me. How has it been for you? Maybe, you've also been feeling a calling from your soul. Maybe, you too are stepping into a new elevated experience and can feel the exciting stirrings of higher possibilities coming into being. What have you been called to let go of? What new adventures are calling your name now?

I recorded a quick pick-a-stack Tarot reading for you to hopefully give you some insight or confirmation of the new energies flowing into your life right now.

As far as what's happening for me, I've been working behind the scenes to prepare my new coaching business and implement some exciting changes. If you caught my last emails during the summer, you may remember I'm now stepping into the role of Life Coach to guide women in living their soul truth and weaving their unique magic.

Here's what's new:

  • No More Social Media Instead, I'm focusing on being more intentional about the relationships I build and how I connect with my audience. For starters, this newsletter (and blog) will be my main platform for expression — all my insights, expertise, stories, and gifts will be shared here first.
  • That means I'm revamping my newsletter to focus on more connection. I'm including an audio recording of all my Love Notes. This is with the intention to connect with you a little more, so you can feel into the energy of my words a little better. You might even enjoy listening to these newsletters instead of reading them (like a mini-podcast). Also, this is a way for me to prepare and practice for the actual podcast I'm creating. I'd like to get used to recording myself (anybody else gets weirded out listening to their recorded voice?).
  • You can expect to hear from me 2 times a week (unless I need to go into hermit mode, which I'll try to warn you about ahead of time). The first one will be at the beginning of the week and I'll include a weekly energy reading with it. The second email will be towards the end of the week and it will feature my "Ask Ale" column. If you need some soulful insight to navigate a situation in your life or just have a fun question for me, ask me! I'll respond with genuine advice and may even pull a card or two for you. Then, I might include the question and response in a future newsletter (you'll remain anonymous). So please, ask me anything!
  • I'm launching a new community I've partnered with two amazing women to co-create a collaborative sisterhood where we come together to learn, grow, and amplify each other’s magic. The Goddess Hive is launching soon - more details to come!
  • My new website will be ready for launch at the end of the month! If everything goes well, I will be unveiling the new site, and the new direction I'm heading with my work (stay tuned for special deals and opportunities to beta test my offers).
  • I'm going to continue doing monthly energy readings on my Youtube channel. Look out for them at the beginning of May. For now, you can check out my latest pick-a-stack reading to see what possibilities you're stepping into at this time.
  • My podcast, Divinely You, is in the works I will be launching it later in the year.

That's it for now! I'm so excited to dive into these changes with you. Talk soon!

with love and magic,

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