Sometimes it's easy to forget how much of an impact I have on my daughter. It's easy to forget that she's always watching, looking to see what mommy is going to do next.

...because everything mommy does, she wants to do too.

But when I remember, it deepens my devotion to growth -- to healing the wounds, patterns, shadows, and limiting beliefs I've accumulated along the way.

So that I may be an example of...

  • an individual grounded in self-love, self-acceptance, and self-care.
  • someone who doesn't dim her light for anyone or anything.
  • someone who courageously follows her dreams and walks her own path.
  • a person who is emotionally balanced, knows her worth, and sets healthy boundaries.
  • an empowered, sovereign, and whole woman.
  • courage, kindness, love, compassion, wisdom, and integrity.

I owe it to her to step into my highest self, and teach her how to step into her highest potential too.

I'm rewilding not just for me, but for her.

I'm healing not just for me, but for her.

I'm evolving not just for me, but for her.

But that's not enough. I want to live in a world where ALL women and daughters are blossoming into their best selves too. One where together we help each other thrive.

That was my intention when creating The Goddess Hive, a sisterhood for women to come together to amplify each other's impact, abundance, and magic. I wanted to create a space where we can grow and play together.

I believe the new paradigm will be built by communities coming together to do things differently. The Goddess Hive is a space where we tap into our collective power to help each other pursue our dreams.

This is a free community where we contribute our time and energy from a place of desire, devotion, and generosity -- not obligation. We strive for a balanced flow of giving and receiving.

If you've been looking for a tribe to support you on your journey of self-love and full soul-expression, check us out at

with love and magic,

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