Make this the year you prioritize your vibration so you can create the life you want

How I love a new beginning! The energy feels pregnant with potential. The thought of a fresh, clean slate feels INVIGORATING.

But new beginnings happen all the time.

In fact, at any given moment we can decide to start over.

I remade myself too many times to count last year. Each time brought me closer to a truer, more embodied version of ME. I was just thinking the other day, I feel like a snake constantly shedding her skin with all these cycles of death and rebirth.

Yet, I love this time of year! There's a collective vibe of a fresh start. It's the perfect time to set intentions for the next version of ourselves.

While making goals and plans can be helpful in keeping us aligned with our desires, from my perspective, the most important thing to creating our reality is our energy.

As you step into 2023, I invite you to get your energy right.

...and by that, I mean get intentional with your vibration (your mental, emotional, physical, creative, and spiritual energy).

This time of year is the perfect time to realign your energy and get into a higher frequency.

Your energy creates your reality since your experiences are a reflection of your inner vibration.

But the thing is that our subconscious mind is always influencing our energetic baseline and creating experiences on autopilot. So if you want to create a new reality, experience, or version of yourself, you have to consciously choose to align with the frequency range of your desires.

Basically, you want to shift and align your baseline energy to match your desired reality.

(...and if you want support creating your reality with more flow and clarity, I can help you with that.)

You'll start enjoying your life more when you raise the standards for your reality and choose to act from the highest vibration you can tap into in the now moment.

One way to think about it is this...

Your vibration is the paint you create your reality with, your focus is the paintbrush, and the actions you take are the strokes with which you give it form.

Before you start painting this next chapter of your life, decide what energies you want to create from.

A great way to do so is to decide how you want to feel about your life and day-to-day experiences. Then as you move through your experiences, check to see what you are aligning with.

That may mean taking a look at your feelings, thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and patterns. Then asking yourself if they align with the version of you and the life you want to have.

For me, I want to feel at peace, joyful, abundant, balanced, sovereign, and full of love. Most of all I want freedom -- the freedom to fully be myself.

So this year I'm deepening my commitment to run my decisions by that barometer. I'm only choosing options that are in alignment with creating more peace, joy, abundance, balance, love, and freedom.

Another way to be intentional with your energy is to pause and notice what you're feeling before taking action.

Are you choosing to move from fear, anxiety, or lack? Or are you choosing to act from love, joy, or abundance?

Notice what you're feeling in your body, your emotions, and then ask yourself if it's serving or hindering the version of you that you wish to be.

At times it will be necessary to take action even when we don't feel great about the situation, but generally speaking, I believe it's wise to take action when we feel inspired and aligned.

When you're in a low vibration, such as when you're in fear, it's more challenging to find the right solutions that will lead to your desired (or even a positive) outcome.

So sometimes the next or first best step to take is to pause and raise your vibration.

For example, before I sit down to write or create in my business, I make it a point to notice where I'm at. I don't create from a state of anxiety, pressure, or lack. If needed, the first thing I'll do is raise my vibration and open up my creativity. My favorite way to do so is dancing and dropping into my body. Sometimes simply gyrating my hips fires up my sacral.

As we move about our life different things will influence and affect our vibration.

Sometimes it's an external event and other times it's an internal experience.

The important part is to become aware of what's coming up and then taking steps to consciously choose the energy you want to align with.

This is where intentional practices like meditation, journaling, yoga, and shadow work come in handy. They help to realign your energy with what you want to create.

Here are a few more suggestions from my own personal practices:

  • Practice holding an energy of appreciation for yourself and everything that is present in your now moment. This will allow you to be in a higher vibration, focus your awareness on the gifts and opportunities in your life, and open up to receiving more.
  • Practice coming back to yourself so you can recharge your energy. I like to start and end my day feeling into my heart space and soaking up my soul's essence. It boosts my energy and raises my frequency.
  • Practice connecting with your inner knowing throughout the day. Check in with yourself often. Your intuition's voice is soft and subtle so creating a quiet space to tap in is important. I've created the habit of checking in with myself before I transition to a new task or space and seeing what's coming up.
  • Practice embodied presence so you can feel into the best feeling vibration in the now. Doing so will allow you to see past any limiting mindset or stories you might be struggling with. Identifying a higher vibration invites you to step into it.
  • Practice being a "yes" only to the things that feel RIGHT. Feel into your body's wisdom and not your logical mind, as the mind is limited to what it already knows. Your body and heart are the gateways to your intuition, always pointing out what's right/wrong for you. The mind is a powerful tool but not meant to lead your life.
  • Practice self-care, allowing yourself the grace and space to receive all that is available in each moment. Even the challenging moments give you the opportunity to step into self-mastery.
  • Practice releasing judgments and allow yourself to take action from a place of love (both for yourself and others). See your relationships with others as mirrors of what is showing up within you. Often the things we don't like or judge in others are also within us. Bringing awareness to what’s coming up for you allows things to be healed and released.
  • Practice looking at how you are contributing to the issue at hand when there's conflict with another. Relationships are co-creations and you have just as much responsibility as the other person to shift things in a better direction. A lot of the time there is no true villain. It's mostly people misunderstanding each other and projecting blame onto the other.

As you work to shift and change your reality, remember that the mind likes familiarity and finds comfort in going back to old beliefs. You have to make it a practice to reinforce your new stories by interrupting the old ones when they come up.

And before you know it, the new version of you becomes your norm!

Owning your energy is the theme for this year. Here's wishing 2023 leads you into a more embodied version of yourself!

...and remember, only you can decide what's right for you.

By the way, this is the work that I do with my clients. I help conscious women work with their own energy to create their reality and get out of their own way.

If you want support facilitating the next version of you, explore how we can work together.

I'm here to help you create a life that feels deeply nourishing and can't wait to join forces with you!

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with love and magic,

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