The other day I thought to myself "I really need to get new headphones (with a mic) so I can use them for conference calls". My old ones broke weeks ago and it was only then I decided it was time to replace them. 

About two days later my father-in-law found a pair of headphones and asked if I wanted them. How perfect!

That's when it dawned on me how easy it is for me to manifest little things, but yet I struggle with the big stuff.

It happens all the time. Free gifts, resources, opportunities, and ideas from unexpected places.

So it made me think, why is it I can quickly and easily manifest some things but not others?

Do you know what I realized the difference is? 
NO doubt, NO limiting beliefs, NO fears.

The times I've easily manifested abundance usually went like this:

--- I decided I needed/wanted something and that I was going to get it. [i.e. Craving KFC and deciding I wanted it soon]

--- If there was an action to take at that moment, I took it (even if it was just to look up info), otherwise, I set it to the side until the appropriate time to take action. [i.e. Thinking I was going to get KFC the next time I bought take-out.]

--- Then I went on with my life without thinking or stressing about it.

--- Boom! One day either the thing itself manifests or the next step I need to take appears! [i.e.Two days later hubby brings home KFC for dinner without knowing about my craving.]

The manifestation was easy and natural because I didn't block myself with doubts, fears, and anxiety about whether or not I would receive the thing I desired. There was no question I was going to get those things because I DECIDED to have them.

Now, when it comes to manifesting bigger desires, it becomes more challenging because they tend to take longer. I don't know about you, but patience is definitely one of the things I'm learning to master in this lifetime. 

It's so easy to fall into the trap of disillusionment and desperation when you feel like you're always waiting around for things to happen, or you keep putting in the work and never seem to arrive at your destination.

Furthermore, desires don't often manifest in the way you imagine them, but they WILL unfold in a way that serves your highest good. So when we see that things are going in a different direction than expected, we tend to freak out. 

This is when we let the fear, doubt, and limiting stories creep in. We fear that our desires won't be met. 

Do you know what the antidote is? 
Trust, presence, and radical acceptance.

"Fear is lack of trust in the now. Fear is saying "no" to some aspect of the present moment."

David Deida

Life is not a straight path, there are twists and turns. It would serve you better to surrender to the flow of your life and enjoy the journey. You might experience unexpected and unfamiliar things, but if you release your attachment to the form, you allow yourself to co-create a more magical experience than you could've imagined. 

It requires courage to let go and trust that everything is unfolding as it should. But don't let fear keep you from accessing the power and magic imbued in the present moment.

So to wrap it up, here's my 5-step process to manifesting your desires:

1) Pick one thing you want/need right now and DECIDE it's ultimately going to happen (while letting of what it will look like -- the essence is more important than the form.)

2) Imagine what it would feel like to have that thing happen. Feel it as if it was happening right now. Get excited!!! Hold those thoughts and feelings for a few minutes or as long as you can (this is the fuel you're charging your desires with). 

3) Let go of your attachment to the outcome - forget about the specifics, don't worry about the HOW, and know the WHEN will be in perfect timing. Just live your life focusing on enjoying your present circumstances and the now moment. (This is the harder step because we may often encounter those doubts, fears, and worries creep up. Just bring awareness to those feelings and release them - breathing does wonder.)

4) Pay attention to your intuitive nudges and take inspired action. The universe will always point you towards the next step to take or which direction to go in order to align with your desire.

5) Celebrate and be grateful when you get it! This fuels even more abundance! 

with love and magic,

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