A couple of weeks ago I attended a workshop where the speaker made an offer at the end. While her course looked amazing (and I might still purchase in the future), right now it doesn't quite align with my current goals. 

When I told her the timing isn't right, she responded with something along the lines of "Really? It's a no brainer."

I HATE when people try to sell me things with the phrase "it's a no brainer".
This might seem trivial of me, but the thing is words have power. It's not so much about the words we use, it's the energy (and emotion) behind them. 

To me, this phrase is saying "don't think for yourself, just accept what I'm offering at face value." There's a low-key disempowering vibration underneath it. To be honest, it makes me feel like an idiot.

I'm not saying people are intentionally malicious when they use this phrase. They've probably taken the time to create an amazing offer and confidently believe in the transformation they can create for you.

But just because something looks incredible on paper, does not mean it's the right fit for you right now. Only YOU can say if it aligns with your current priorities and resources.

...and the way to know if it is right for you is to look within -- to think and feel into the possibility of stepping into that path. 

When you don't take the time to check-in, seeing if something resonates, you give your power away. 

It takes conscious awareness to realize when we're looking outside of ourselves for things to make or validate our decisions. 

You always have a CHOICE. That's where your power lies. It's up to you to discern which path you'd like to explore in the now moment.

Even with your guides and angels, they're there to advise you but ultimately want you to make your own choices. Whenever synchronicities or readings I do for myself stop making sense, it's usually a sign I'm relying too heavily on external things to tell me what to do. 

So yes, use your brain (and heart) EVERY TIME.

with love and magic,

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