Congratulations🥂 for choosing to embark on this journey with me! Taking the time to go through the daily lessons and integrate them into your life will create powerful change. I'm so excited for you to begin this transformation👑!

You already have everything you need inside of you to manifest whatever it is your heart💖desires most. This program is meant to help you follow through on those desires by taking the first few steps toward the emerging you.

As you move through the lessons, stay open to the ideas presented even if they're concepts you're already aware of. There is always more to learn and the beauty of this program is that it helps you put what you know into practice.

Take what resonates and leave the rest.


Lesson 1 | Finding Your Authentic Self

Available Feb 28th
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Lesson 2 | Higher Self vs Ego

Available Day 2
view lesson

Lesson 3 | Start With a Baseline

Available Day 3

Lesson 4 | Know What You Want and Make it Happen

Available Day 4

Lesson 5 | Clear the Way - Releasing Blocks & Resistance

Available Day 5

Lesson 6 | There is No Time Like Now

Available Day 6

Lesson 7 | Co-Creating With the Universe

Available Day 7

Lesson 8 | Managing Your Time

Available Day 8

Lesson 9 | Prioritize Your Inner Peace

Available Day 9

Lesson 10 | Slow it Down

Available Day 10

Lesson 11 | Build Up Your Confidence

Available Day 11

Lesson 12 | The Secret to Making Lasting Changes

Available Day 12

Lesson 13 | The Art of Daydreaming

Available Day 13

Lesson 14 | Prosperity in Gratitude

Available Day 14

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