Higher Self vs Ego

When you want to listen to a particular radio station, you tune your dial to a specific frequency. Same when you want to watch a particular show on TV. It is the frequency you tune into that determines what you hear and what you see.

Our brains operate similarly -- we can tune into either the ego station or the Higher Self station.

The ego originates in the programmed mind, which contains all our limiting beliefs and fears. It is our small, wounded self - the protected self we learned to be as we were growing up and needed to have control over getting love, avoiding pain, and feeling safe. Our ego self is a closed circuit. It operates on old information acquired from past experiences - information that may no longer be relevant or true. It is not open to new information or truth.

The Higher Self is the station that taps into the unlimited information from the Universe, beyond the programmed mind. Our Higher Self taps into the Source of truth that is always here to guide us toward our highest good.

How do you tune your frequency to your higher self-station?

We all have a "dial" that either tunes us to the frequency of our ego or our Higher Self. 


It becomes a choice between:

1) Following the programming of your ego that wants to control things to get what it wants or avoid pain

2) Being open to the truth and wisdom of your Higher Self that wants to guide you toward your highest good.

The intention to have control and avoid pain can lead us to thoughts and behaviors that create fear, anxiety, depression, guilt, shame, stress, anger, jealousy, resentment, and so on.

The ego gets stuck in the frequency of being a victim. We feel powerless and/or lack trust. This frequency has us living out of fear instead of love.

The intention to be open to the truth and wisdom of our Higher Self can lead us to thoughts and behaviors that create peace, joy, love, abundance, clarity, understanding, and so on.

The Higher Self invites us into the frequency of empowerment. We step into our true nature as sovereign creators, trusting our ability to manifest our highest good. We tap into the power of love and compassion.

When we tune our frequency to our Higher Self, we can open ourselves up to receive love and guidance from the Universe. We have access to wisdom beyond our programming, allowing us to make decisions that lead to better outcomes.

The only thing that stops us from choosing the higher self-station is our addiction to control. The ego wants control over our feelings, over the feelings and actions of others, and over the outcome of things. When your desire for control is greater than your desire to be loving to yourself and others, and greater than your desire to live in truth, you will remain stuck in the ego station.

The way out of the ego is to choose love over control, truth over fear, and acceptance over judgment. Every time you make this choice, you raise your frequency and access the higher self-station. When we move into this space of unconditional love, acceptance, and truth, miracles can happen.

Miracles can come in all shapes and sizes – from a perfect parking spot to an unexpected financial windfall, to an amazing job opportunity. These are all signs that the Universe is supporting us as we live in alignment with our Higher Self.

However, I'm not saying to reject, condemn, or hate your ego. Expanding your consciousness comes from accepting and embracing ALL parts of you.

What if instead of trying to get rid of the ego, disconnect from it, suppress it, or judge it, we treat it like a child? 

We can be compassionate and kind. The ego is a beautiful part of this human experience, it's also worthy of being loved. It's like a child that wants to feel safe, wants to be loved, and wants to belong. Those aren't bad things. Maybe the way the ego goes about living is a bit limited in perspective, but it's still a worthy part of the human you.

The point is to see that you are more than just your ego and to expand beyond the perspective of the ego. There's a higher consciousness to you. The ego is just one little drop of who you are. So knowing there is more, and not letting the ego convince you that's all you are, is the key. Know there's always more available than the ego can see.

When the ego speaks out and lets you know its needs, fears, and experiences, listen like you would a child. You don't tell a child to shut up when they're trying to share their thoughts and experiences. You stop and listen. You encourage their expression with kindness and compassion. 

Do the same for your ego. Do the same for yourself. Don't just identify with your ego, expand beyond it. Then love, nurture, and accept it for how it shows up. Let it all be part of your sacred journey, the sacred experience that is your life.

Like dealing with a child, be compassionate, kind, playful, welcoming, and nurturing. But don't let the ego drive your life. You wouldn't put a child in the driver's seat, so don't do it with your ego. It can come along for the ride because it's an important part of the whole that is you. It just doesn't get to call the shots.

Ultimately, the goal is to live from a higher vibration, which is essential to creating the life of your dreams. Take ownership of your energy and choose to embody a higher frequency. When we choose to align with our higher selves, we become aware of our true purpose and open ourselves up to limitless possibilities. By connecting with what truly matters to us at the deepest level, we can tap into the incredible potential of our true nature.

The higher the vibration of our consciousness, the higher our perspectives. A higher vibration helps us rise above fear-based patterns that have kept us stuck in the past. It's easier to tap into our creativity and intuition when we're in a higher state of energy -- for example when we're feeling joy, peace, harmony, passion, fun, love, etc.

The best way to raise your vibration is to practice being conscious of how you're feeling and then making choices that energize you instead of depleting you. Make self-care a priority, go out in nature, take a walk, meditate, exercise, eat fresh and raw foods, drink more water, dance, create, play, etc. Nourish your mind, body, and soul. Be intentional about the situations, people, media, information, thoughts, and ideas that you expose yourself to — notice how they make you feel.

Making conscious decisions that align with our highest good helps us create positive energy for ourselves, others, and the planet. From this high vibrational energy, you can manifest abundance in all aspects of life, from wealth and career success to meaningful relationships and joy-filled moments.

Remember that connecting with your Higher Self is simply about allowing yourself to be present in the moment and grounded in your body. 


Living life from a high vibration is essential to creating the life of your dreams. You can do this by connecting with your higher self through regular meditation, journaling, yoga, or taking time in nature. Additionally, practice being conscious of how you’re feeling and make choices that energize you instead of depleting you. Start nourishing your mind, body, and soul to raise your vibration and ultimately create a deeply fulfilling life.

Integrate the Lesson

  • Practice: Commit to living a life that's in alignment with your highest self. Be more of the observer so you can notice when you're coming from ego and when you're in a higher frequency. Your feelings are a great indicator of what's going on energetically.
  • Reflect: How can you be more intentional with your energy? What activities can you experiment with to raise your vibration when you're feeling stuck in your ego? What energizes you? What depletes you?
  • Meditate: Below you'll find a simple meditation to help you connect more with your higher self.

Higher Self Meditation

Start by finding a comfortable position and take some slow deep breaths to relax your body and mind. Ground into the Earth by visualizing roots growing down from your feet or root chakra into the ground. You can take a few deep breaths here, feeling Gaia's love and support. Feel yourself connected and rooted to the Earth.

Then focus your energy a few feet above your head and visualize, feel, or intend the bright light of your higher self entering your crown chakra. As this light descends down to your root chakra and bathes every cell in your body, imagine that it is clearing any stagnant energy and raising your vibration. Take a few moments here to just be in this light, feeling a sense of peace and connectedness.

You may ask your higher self what you need to know or focus on. Now, simply start listening. Notice any thoughts or feelings that arise and observe them without judgment or attachment. You can also focus your awareness on different parts of your body where you might notice tension and continue to breathe. As you become still, you will start to notice subtle shifts in energy or become aware of thoughts and feelings that may have been previously overlooked. Trust that whatever you do or don't receive is perfect.

When you're ready, slowly open your eyes and take a few more deep breaths.

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