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The Divine & Human podcast bridges the gap between the mundane and the mystical so that we can make the most out of this human experience.

Episodes will share personal stories and reflections that have left a profound impact on how we experience life. Each episode will be around 20-40 minutes long and will touch on a range of topics related to personal growth and spiritual development.

I will be sharing my own experiences along with anecdotes submitted by listeners. Some episodes will include interviews with leaders in the spiritual and personal development space.

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Check out the list of upcoming episodes below and if you have a story that would be a great fit, send it over! You can either stay anonymous and share a written story that I'll read out loud, or you can submit an audio/video clip of yourself. 


Relationships, Soul Connections, and Finding the One

Have you ever wondered why we feel so deeply connected to certain people, almost like we’ve known them forever? In this podcast episode, we will explore the expectations around relationships and partnerships and look at what it really means to find “the one” — if there even is such a thing!  How can we open our hearts and minds to embrace the abundance of love available to us? How can deep, soul connections give us an opportunity for growth? Dive into these questions and more as we discuss our search for lasting companionship and meaningful connection.

The Universe speaks and we're all a little psychic

We all have the ability to connect with the universe and receive messages from it. Sometimes, these messages come in the form of intuition or gut feelings. Other times, they come through as psychic readings or even dreams. We'll explore some of the ways that the universe speaks to us, and how we can learn to better interpret these messages.

Polarity: The intimate dance between the feminine and masculine

Regardless of gender, we all have masculine and feminine energies. I think most of us can agree that for far too long the scale has been out of balance. Due to patriarchy, we've been conditioned to value masculine energy over feminine energy -- both within us and in relationships with others. We'll touch on the resurgence of the feminine and how we're heading towards a time of union between the two polarities. How can we create more balance within ourselves and in our relationships?

Fearing our light

Fear of success is far more common than we realize. It can easily keep us playing small. Why do we self-sabotage? Why do we stay in our comfort zone even when it's not serving us? In this episode, let's dive into some of the reasons why we might fear our own light.

Fearing our dark side

It's easy to be afraid of the dark. After all, it's where all the scary things are supposed to happen. But what if the dark is not something to be afraid of? True dark is the feminine -- the cosmic mother and womb of nothing. It's from the dark that life springs forth. But patriarchy has led us to demonize the feminine, which in turn has led our shadows to distort even further. Let's talk about the difference between dark and evil. We'll also touch on integrating our shadows back into wholeness.

If you'd like to be interviewed as a guest on the podcast, pitch an idea for a topic that aligns well with the overall theme: bridging the gap between the mundane and the mystical. I'll be in touch and let you know if I feel aligned with your topic.

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