Inner Child Healing Transmission

A FREE Guided Journey for Unlocking Abundance and Creative Potential

Experience a powerful transmission to connect with your inner child, the part of you that holds the key to your most authentic joy and expression. By healing your inner child, you'll empower yourself to create greater levels of abundance on your own terms.


Are you ready to raise your standards and experience life with a renewed sense of freedom?

Inner child healing is a powerful form of energy work that allows you to tap into a wealth of potential and creativity that has been blocked by past traumas, limiting beliefs, and negative patterns.

Through a guided visualization and working with the energy of the Divine Mother, this transmission will help you:

  • heal past traumas
  • reclaim your innocent nature
  • deepen your self-worth
  • create an inner sense of safety
  • expand your capacity to receive
  • open up new pathways of abundance and creativity.

Along with the meditation, you'll receive a workbook with journaling prompts to help you integrate the experience and release any old patterns or beliefs that are limiting your creative potential.


Hi, I'm Alegna

I help women make aligned choices, embrace their own rhythm, and work with energy to consciously create their wildest dreams. Through the right mix of intuition and inspired action, I teach my clients to create abundance on their own terms.

I'm here to lead you into deeper levels of self-discovery and soul embodiment. The more of us who shine our light by living our truth and stepping into our greatness, the brighter we make the world. As an intrinsically sovereign being, it's your birthright to live life in a way that lights you up.

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